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After a first trip to Africa in 2017, I caught the “Africanovirus” which has never left me since.

My passion for Africa and its wild Animals pushed me towards Wildlife Photography.

Since then, I have spent all my time walking the paths of the world in search of beautiful “Nature” Photographs in order to make people aware of the beauty that simply surrounds us.

I only live for those moments, intense and privileged, the rest of the time, I wait for those moments.

We do not photograph Wild Animals without joining their cause.

Our Future depends on theirs.

The Future of Human Beings is closely linked to how sees the planet and the animals that inhabit it.

By preserving wild animals life, we are also extending the life of Future Human Generations.

Everything is closely linked, Air, Water, Fauna, Flora … and People.

Our most important heritage remains the Earth …

Every gesture counts … Educate your neighbor !