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About SoWild

The idea for the Sowild Website was born in June 2020, following lockdown due to the Coronavirus epidemic.
All the photo exhibitions being canceled until further notice, a digital solution had to be found to raise awareness of the Animal Cause.
Wildlife photographer and always looking for aesthetics in my photos, I created SoWild to facilitate the discovery and sale of my Nature Photos as well as those of my Animal Photographers friends.
In this website, I offer you a selection of photos and photographers that will continue to grow over time.
We hope that our photos will touch you and that they will soon come to decorate your interior.
We do not photograph Wild Animals without joining their cause.
Our future depends on theirs.
Humans and domestic animals represent 96% of mammals.
In 40 years, we have lost 60% of the populations of wild animals on Earth.
Intensive agriculture, soil degradation, overfishing, climate change, plastic pollution, are the main threats to biodiversity today.
The loss and degradation of their habitats and overexploitation are linked to human activities.
The future of man is closely linked to how he sees the future of the planet and the animals that inhabit it.
By preserving wild animal life, we are also extending the life of Future Human Generations.
Everything is closely linked, Air, Water, Fauna, Flora… and People.